Green every step of the fairway

Rovestar Commitment

Designed for a better tomorrow

A standard golf bag has a lifespan of 5-8 years. To this day, no recycling solution exists and the bags inevitably end up in landfills.

Rovestar is committed to offer a solution that is better for the planet. Currently, Rovestar bags use 50% recycled materials.  

Furthermore, Rovestar takes responsibility for the end-of-life cycle of used golf bags. We offer a take-back program allowing players in Canada and the United States to return their used golf bags.  

Through this initiative, Rovestar aims to reuse certain components and send the remaining parts to established recycling channels, ensuring a much smaller quantity of waste. 

Uncompromisingly sustainable

Proudly made in North America, from the first prototype to the final product, we are committed to sourcing the best parts and materials to develop an eco-friendly alternative to current golf bags. Without a healthy planet, there’s no golf. Nature is an integral part of the game. 

Rovestar is eco-friendly and dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact by promoting sustainability throughout our production and product lifecycle. 

Sourcing Responsibly 

Rovestar prioritizes local suppliers, with 80% of our components sourced from suppliers located within 100 km of their headquarters. This approach optimizes the supply chain, reduces transportation emissions, and supports the local economy. 

Rovestar adopts a factory-to-consumer approach, therefore, reducing the environmental impact of our operations. This streamlined supply chain minimizes unnecessary transportation and associated emissions. 

Recycled materials

Proudly Made in North America