Green every step of the fairway

Proudly Made in North America

Rovestar operates from Montreal. We source most of our parts locally (80% of components come from suppliers located within 100 km of our headquarters).

This factory-to-consumer approach optimizes the supply chain and significantly reduces environmental impact.

Recycled materials

As an eco-friendly company, Rovestar is committed to offer a solution that is better for the planet. Currently, Rovestar bags use 50% recycled materials.

Designed for a better tomorrow

A standard golf bag has a lifespan of 5-8 years. To this day, no recycling solution exists and the bags inevitably end up in landfills.

Rovestar wants to be part of the solution and offers to take back used golf bags from players in Canada and the United States. This allows for some components to be reused while others will be sent to established recycling channels, in much smaller quantities.