Looking to make your company or brand

stand out on the golf course?

Rovestar helps you make a lasting impression by customizing your golf bag for a visible branding opportunity. Customize your bag to reflect your brand identity. With Rovestar, you make a bold statement, a unique and memorable presence while promoting your brand, supporting a cause and stand out from the crowd.

  • Tournament Sponsorship: If you're organizing or participating to a philanthropic golf tournament, Rovestar can collaborate with you to provide a branded golf bags for participants. This helps create a memorable experience for the golfers while promoting your brand's commitment to charitable causes.
  • Create a Custom Rovestar with your organization logo or design, adding a touch of uniqueness to prominently display your company or brand on the golf course. Made with high-quality materials, customizable with various colors, patterns, and branding elements.

Options are available to you:

Option 1 : Choose any solid color cover

We will imprint your logo or image on both sides and/or on the front of your bag

Option 2: Let us design a customized cover

Reflect your corporate identity or your wishes. Your own unique golf bag

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