Nos fonctionnalités uniques

Tous les essentiels pour le golf

Vos clubs, vos balles, vos accessoires ainsi que vos effets personnels sont bien rangés et facilement accessibles. 

Le Rovestar offre une maniabilité en douceur et une conduite sans effort grâce à sa construction durable et à ses roues de haute qualité. 

Déplacez-vous facilement sur le terrain de golf, même le plus difficile, sans efforts physiques. 

Un sac et un chariot tout-en-un

Like many golfers, we are tired of always carrying 2 pieces of equipment. That's why the Rovestar was born, with innovative and industrial technologies

  • Unique and modern design reinvented
  • Robust 3-wheel deployment system
  • Rugged recycled plastic frame
  • Handles to easily lift the bag

Exprimez votre style

At Rovestar, we understand that golfers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. That's why we offer a unique solution to break away from the monotony of traditional golf bags. Through our customizable options, we empower golfers to express their individuality and personal style on the course. 

Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace a bag that truly reflects who you are. Whether you're a laid-back recreational golfer or a passionate competitor, Rovestar provides the perfect canvas for you to showcase your personality.

14 way golf bag individual dividers

Keep your clubs neatly separated and protected with 14 way golf bag individual slot dividersFull-length dividers ensure each club has its designated space

Rangement de clubs innovant et simplifié

Tired of the chaos of your clubs or not being able to find them?

  • Each club is positioned in its teardrop-shaped slot for effortless organization.
  • Shaft locker: Each shaft can be locked in position. This unique feature prevents clubheads from clashing and causing noisy club tangling. 
  • Clubs naturally find their place and stay in position for easy retrieval.
Tous vos clubs à la même hauteur

Enjoy the convenience of having all clubheads at the same height.

Rovestar's design adjusts to the length of each club, ensuring easy accessibility.

No more struggling to find the right club at different levels within the bag.

Poignée et console efficace

Your permanent connection with your bag during your round must be as user-friendly as possible

  • Ergonomic height adjustable and convenient folding handle
  • 2 golf balls
  • 3 golf tees
  • 1 water bottle / beverage can
  • 1 phone holder
Envie de prendre une voiturette, pas de troubles!

Some days, you want to share a cart with your friend. Just remove the rear wheels and install the Rovestar on the back of the cart.

Responsabilité sociale sans compromis

From the first prototype to the final product, we are committed to sourcing the best parts and materials to develop an eco-friendly alternative to current golf bags. Without a healthy planet, there’s no golf. Nature is an integral part of the game.

Technologies propriétaires et brevetées

Toutes les bonnes idées doivent être protégées. Rovestar a appliqué pour des brevets et dessins industriels couvrant plusieurs innovations. Notre marque de commerce est aussi protégée. Nos clients sont les bénéficiaires de notre unicité.